Monthly Archives: September 2009

Cellphone sync and linux

I once had a cellphone that played very nicely with Linux, the good old Siemens S55. Unfortunately, my SE P1i doesn’t. I tried various combinations of Multisync or OpenSync, nothing helped. Today I bit the bullet and installed funambol with syncevolution. What shall I say, apart from having to run a ~250Meg Java Application server just for me, it simply works. Period.

And thanks to Blueman, this works with Bluetooth now, too (Via PAN of course, not OBEX).

Location-dependant IGMP

Could someone please enlighten me?

I spent a third of my work today wondering why

  • a modified QUdpSocket only leads to IGMPv1 membership reports
  • a self-written plain old socket multicast client only leads to IGMPv2 joins, but very seldom leaves

Now being at home, I tried both programs and both reliably send IGMPv3 joins and leaves…