XBox 360 support of rygel

Short update on the XBox360 support of rygel:
What works

  • Streaming of transcoded audio and video to the XBox
  • Browsing through your music collection by album or artist works at least for the media-export plugin. General audio playback should work for every plugin (Using Music library -> Songs)

What doesn’t work:

  • Seeking in transcoded media. This includes stopping and resuming. Pause-resume is fine though
  • Photo browsing (this is due to a bug in rygel’s HTTP code)

What’s quirky:

  • The modifications necessary for the XBox to be able to actually see rygel should be added dynamically by evaluating the user-agent of the request. Currently they are hardcoded
  • Mime-types have to be modified for the XBox, like video/avi for xvid or DivX 5 videos

2 thoughts on “XBox 360 support of rygel

  1. That’s great news! I think rygel is great and proper xbox360 support is what I’ve been looking for. Is this work committed or is this something you’re working on separately? I still haven’t been able to find my media from the 360.

  2. It is committed to my personal github repository of rygel. The support is quite rough on some edges. We’re now on the process of merging some of the not-so-hackish stuff needed to support the XBox properly back to rygel’s master branch and find proper solutions for the hackish stuff (like content-type translation, modification of the model name etc.)
    Feel free to try it out, the repository can be found at git://

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