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Ever since the announcement of the N9’s DLNA support people were looking for a feature called DLNA +PU+ which allows you to send media files to e.g. DLNA-capable TVs without enabling content sharing on your device, giving you a really fine-grained control about what and where to share to.

PushUp is a small utility that hooks into the N9’s sharing framework and allows to you push an image or a video to your TV just like you would with Bluetooth or NFC. Get it on this site (or later through the Nokia Store).

It is an offspring of my Korva project, a D-Bus specification and its implementation for media pushing. While still work-in-progress, it’s already fully functional.

Edit: I had to update the package because the icon was missing and cancelling the device selector was broken.
Edit2: Updated again since it was broken on PR < 1.2.

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  1. No, if 0.14.0 works, there’s nothing important in 0.14.1. The most important thing in .1 is a fix for certain BD players.

    The dependencies haven’t changed since .0, did you run to run apt-get build-dep rygel?

  2. No, I
    1) installed rygel 0.14.0 from Ubuntu 12.04 software catalogue and
    2) downloaded the rygel tar you posted before and followed the install instructions. (./configure, make….) which failed

    But 0.14.0 works perfect on that virtual UBUNTU installation also with this Sagem Radio. I wish KDE would have a similar UPNP/DLNA support!

    I also send you an email yesterday with first details about the commmunication between N9 and the Radio. I’m having my problems with finding the parts where the Radio fails to play the provided source. Normaly the radio shows a connection to IP_ADDRESS when being controlled by other DMCs. If the resource is the N9 it immideately shows: “Funktion nicht unterstützt”

  3. Short summary of the Sagem Radio issue: The device needs a file suffix on the URI to work properly. The next release will have this fixed.

  4. Hi there – great little app! I have a HTC MediaLink HD that I use with PureView N808 combined with “PlayTo” and wanted to share also my N9 pictures via the same MediaLink device [currently using PushUp 0.3.0-1], but the picture uploads are stuck and never finish. I have PR1.3 and have seen your comment in the Nokia/Ovi Store about image pushing difficulties in PR1.3 – any hint when this could be fixed?
    Thanks for your efforts!

  5. Is the image displayed? The transfer in the N9 is displayed until you share a different image or cancel it. That’s a feature. If the image is displayed, then everything is fine.

  6. No, unfortunately not a single image gets displayed. The MediaLink only shows a loading blank page with a circular timer forever, but the image upload never concludes (not even the first one). The N9 transfer screen shows the full bar as if it has been uploaded, but the image is never displayed on MediaLink. When I cancel the upload on N9 transfer screen, the MediaLink goes back from loading page to it’s main screen expecting media. Looks like the “final signalling” about the image has been uploaded is missing.
    The same MediaLink with the same WiFi settings works OK with “DLNA Play” from PureView808.
    Appreciate your help!

  7. I have tried both images taken under PR1.2 & PR1.3 with the same result – no of them work.

  8. @Gabriel: Then it’s not the PR1.3 issue as that only affects images taken on PR1.3 but not PR1.3 per se.

    Would you mind doing a little console debugging?

  9. I certainly can, however you would need to instruct me how to do it. You can e-mail me directly with instructions. Appreciate your help!

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