N9 PR1.3

You might have noticed, there’s a new device update out; the changes relates to Rygel are rather small:

  • It fixes 100% CPU usage when encountered by DLNA clients that issue a massive amount of seek requests (GNOME Bug#662125)
  • Fixes the issue with XBox 360 that showed songs up to 5 times (GNOME Bug#664184)
  • A small memory leak when streaming transcoded audio

4 thoughts on “N9 PR1.3

  1. Still waiting for the update here….but interested in if the current rygel also sends file mime-types to clients via the URL (remeber the issues I had with my Internet Radio?)

  2. So you don’t remember or it hasn’t been fixed? …

    The Inet Radio isssue was connectd with the radio playing songs from a NAS, but not directly from the N9. It immediately said not supported because it seems the N9 doesn’t send mimetypes in the links, true? So you were fixing this for PushUp (adding *.mp3, etc to links)

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