Shotwell moving along

I have released 0.25.0 on Monday.

Contrast Tool

contrast-toolA new feature that was included is a contrast slider in the enhancement tool, moving on with integrating patches hanging around on Bugzilla for quite some time.

SSL certificate handlingcertificate-warning

A second enhancement that was introduced is the option to override invalid SSL certificates. This is currenly only available in the Piwigo publisher and might be added to Gallery3 in future, i.e. all services that might be self-hosted on self-signed cerfificates.


Enhanced ACDSEE support

0.25 introduces the support of reading ACDSEE’s proprietary image tags such as titles, categories and hierarchical tags!

If you want to try it, there’s a new, unstable, PPA for Shotwell at


6 thoughts on “Shotwell moving along

  1. Thanks for your great work ! I really like Shotwell, and it’s a pleasure to see it not to be abandoned 🙂
    I was wondering, do you plan to distribute it as a Flatpak package ?

    1. I’m currently not looking into that myself, sorry. Somone did an Ubuntu Snap for it, so I suppose a Flatpack shouldn’t be too complicated as well.

  2. Great work, thanks. What is the status of the geolocation map integration?

    1. Basically ready. I’m worried about the load we might put on the OSM servers and I don’t have any proper alternative tileserver.

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