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I’m not dead

Hi there.

I’m not dead. Just doing the “for Food” part a lot.

Let me summarize some news on my pet projects:


Xchat v2.6.x is ugly to compile on Windows and needs work and time which I do not have at the moment. So you need to either stick with 2.4.5 or use another package.


I’m sorry, right now it does what I want and cannot invest time in it (there seems to be a little bug with Livejournal protected entries right now).


Effort to develop the shared memory runtime configuration has significantly slowed down but I’m working on it, currently integrating the differences to the latest offical public release.

More Xchat…

Ok, I thought I’d give it a try. So here is Xchat with SSL support. (OpenSSL 0.9.8 included). Just did a quick check with my BNC, seems to work. more testing welcome.

OpenSSL is a nasty piece of software to cross compile. I’ll polish the script I made a bit and put it online.

Xchat for win32

Seems my Xchat package has been noticed by the community; I recently found a referrer from Wikipedia in my server’s logfile

I’m a bit surprised, ’cause it seems that this is the build with the least features available…Maybe I should think about an update… 😉