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PushUp allows users to share specific images and videos from the phone’s gallery with DLNA- or UPnP-AV-enabled devices such as picture frames or TVs without enabling the built-in DLNA server, giving the user a very fine-grained control about what to share with which device. It’s available on this site (QR-code on the right), via apps.formeego.com or OVI store.
Leveraging the N9’s built-in sharing framework, sending via DLNA is as easy as sending a file via Bluetooth or MMS. Ongoing transfers can be cancelled using the usual N9’s transfer log.
Technically, PushUp implements the DLNA +PU+ profile. It relies on Korva, a D-Bus push server, to achieve this easily.
Its source-code is available at Gitorious, with a mirror at Github. An issue tracker is also available at Github.


I can’t seem to push any videos? Can you fix that?
Unlikely. This is an issue with the DLNA specification. Some hardware vendors chose to only implement the minimum requirement for video formats. Unfortunately, this is MPEG2. This cannot be fixed. It would require transcoding on the N9 which does neither have the power nor the required encoders.

4 thoughts on “N9 media pushing

  1. Hi, just tried to install your app through store.ovi.com on my N9 and it scared the shit out of me. I got into some weird ‘recovery-mode-screen’. After that my phone restarted. Funny part is, the app did install.
    Not sure if this is a known ‘feature’ or a bug of some kind, but I wasn’t happy 😉

  2. That might have been some weird interaction with the reboot the device should do and something that’s running, it should definitely not show anything about recovery mode.
    Probably safer to drop the reboot for the next version and have people just complaining about missing icons.

  3. That’s an option too. Could just be some other app actually causing the issue.
    Not sure if there is a screen anouncing the reboot. If not, implementing it would be nice. That would prevent the unexpected. Just a screen with one button: reboot

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