Monthly Archives: August 2005


OK. I don’t like Windows, for various reasons. But sometimes, I start to hate Linux. For example, I’d like a printer setup that “just works”.

Right now, it seems quite dependent from the moon phases multiplied with the average RMS of the sounds of current whale population in the northern Atlantic, whether or not CUPS will let me print 2-up or not without using psnup.

Or why do I have to use Laser Jet emulation most of the time although my printer has built-in Postscript Level 2 support?

Releasing the Beast

I’d like to realease a version of my RSS converter; unfortunately, the only mail programs it seems to work with properly are Evolution and mutt. Using Sylpheed 2.0, you can list the subscribed feeds, but the message display is completely broken; I don’t now if it’s my fault or their fault; the uber-IMAP client Mulberry processes the folder list but waits ad infinitum when you’re trying to open a mailbox; and I’m a bit short on time…

Nevertheless, if you’re interested in trying it out: grab a copy from the SVN respository. You can omit the if you’ve already installed the Universal Feedparser from Mark Pilgrim.

To be usable, create a feemap.cfg with the following content:


Then fire up the server with

# python

On success, you’ll see something like

2005/08/21 17:32 CEST [-] Log opened.
2005/08/21 17:32 CEST [-] __main__.IMAPFactory starting on 4444
2005/08/21 17:32 CEST [-] Starting factory <__main__ .IMAPFactory instance at 0xb7522bac>

Then, point your favourite email program to the imapserver localhost:4444 with either ANONYMOUS auth or by using the default account guest/guest.

Happy Reading!