any to WMV

While trying to vamp up XBox 360 support for rygel, I also need a transcoder suitable for the XBox. While H.264 would work it is CPU consuming and hard to get right for the XBox, because it is quite picky. So I decided to go for WMV1/WMA2. Prototype gst-launch commandline:

gst-launch filesrc location=input_file ! decodebin2 name=decoder \
               asfmux name=mux ! filesink location=foo.wmv \
               { decoder. ! queue ! ffenc_wmv1 bitrate=1200 ! mux. } \
               { decoder. ! queue ! audioconvert ! audioresample ! ffenc_wmav2 bitrate=64000 ! mux. }

I know that the curly braces are not needed anymore but I still think they improve readability a lot.
Update:The resulting file works great for offline playback on the XBox, but live streaming does not work unfortunatly. I had to rely on ffmux_asf to make live transcoding working.

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