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While working with tracker I find myself rather often calling “tracker-info” on resources, looking for linked resources, running tracker-info on those, then needing to get back etc. A bit ugly and time-consuming.

Wouldn’t it be cool to just browse through all that info, being able to go back and forth through the links? Yes, it would. That’s why I wrote tracker-zilla:

You can navigate through the resources just like on the interwebs, using the back and forward feature of the context menu. It shows you not only the resources and properties of the object but also resources that link to the one you’re currently browsing:

It’s not that feature-rich and probably never will be. You can either pass a urn to it via command-line or nothing, then it will show you all rdfs:Classes available in the current ontology where you can just click on e.g. nco:PersonContact. What I’m planning to add is a simple in-page search and a breadcrumb navigation.
That said. it’s a pleasure to work with libtracker-sparql (especially from Vala). You need Vala 0.11.6, gtk+-3 and webkitgtk-3.0 to build it. ?The code is available at github.
Update: Due to popular demand, there’s now a –with-gtk=2 option to enable Gtk+-2 UI.

3 thoughts on “Tracker and me

  1. is it possible on tracker to start by scan nothing, and then add folders for it to scan
    I really hate it how it tries to scan everything, a trick Google might pull
    using 0.8 version on Maverick

  2. This sounds very useful to me. Would you be interested to bring this to Tracker’s repository? If you and the other Tracker maintainers agree with this then I’d say prepare a branch and let’s try to get this in Tracker’s repo as one of its optional UIs.

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