Rygel & pulseaudio

Looks like we have found and fixed the recent issues in the PulseAudio MediaServer2 implementation that led to weird behavior when trying to browse the PA server; it is available in PulseAudio master.
So after applying this, streaming from PA should be possible again if your client natively supports LPCM. If not, then most likely not. There seems to be an issue in setting up the transcoding (this includes the XBox e.g.)

5 thoughts on “Rygel & pulseaudio

  1. In the commit I read this:
    + pa_assert_se(dbus_message_iter_close_container(&iter, &sub));
    It reminds me that in many projects in C or C++, I used to define a macro named like MY_ASSERT that equals to #undef when I release an optimized version. It means that when ‘pa_assert_se’ applies ‘undef’, the container will never be closed. Is it the case here?

    1. I trust Lennart and the other PA devs that they did the right thing here: See src/pulsecore/macro.h:

      /* pa_assert_se() is an assert which guarantees side effects of x,
      * i.e. is never optimized away, regardless of NDEBUG or FASTPATH. */

  2. Thank you very much for the rygel software, i am using it with my philips home audio. I have an idea (or feature request?) about .flac files. Most of the .flac collections are CD digitized to one flac file + CUE list. Many players aware of cue and are generating playlist using it. Is it possible to export flac + cue as many “files” and not only one? Is it hard to implement with the plugin?

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