Rygel needs a hand …

Does any of my readers own or have access to a Samsung UE32B7070WW television and would be willing to help to debug a kind of weird browsing issue we’re seeing with this TV? Thanks.

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  1. Hi,
    I have a samsung TV, model UE40B7070… (I can’t remember exactly now).
    I tried to connect to DLNA server on a Debian box with Rygel.
    But this didn’t work. Rygel just shows 1 or 2 minutes of a movie, or sometimes the sound doesn’t work well.
    If you think I can help you on testing, tell me.
    Now I connect my DLNA server with minidlna, and works really fine.

    1. No, that’s a different issue. But I would be glad if you were willing to help to debug yours. Do you remember which version it was? If it was < 0.12.5, can you re-try with 0.12.5 or newer and see if that fixes it? If not, a network trace of the communication between Rygel and the TV would be very helpful. Details on how to obtain one can be found on top of https://live.gnome.org/action/login/Rygel/IOP

  2. @Gilles: Does Rygel work for you or do you end up in a loop, meaning when you select the “Videos” folder you get the same content as before?

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