Introducing Helium

What’s Helium?

Helium is a UPnP control point that is supposed to accompany Rygel, but can of course work without it. It offers browsing of media servers, selecting a renderer from a list of devices available on the network and can (currently) play back a single media files from the current server listing to the currently selected renderer (by long-push). This is supposed to change in short-term, giving proper playlist and player controls. Also it needs to get aware of servers and renderers disappearing from the network and get some proper error reporting.

Where’s the code?

Current state is available at Gitorious


16 thoughts on “Introducing Helium

  1. Excellent news! This complements the new DLNA server in the N9 very well. If I may, a suggestion for the future: add a share handler, so you can share (or push) media from the standard media players/viewers on the device directly to a renderer.
    – Open the gallery
    – Select a photo
    – Push the default share button
    – The share dialog now has an option to select a renderer to display the photo
    Also, UPnP can also be used to copy media to other UPnP servers. That would be nice too 🙂

  2. I have been thinking about something like this, an ability to continue music playback though DLNA from the default music player.
    1. listen to music on headphone
    2. unplug headphone
    3.1 tap Helium on application screen once to resume playback though wifi.
    3.2 tap an nfc/ rfid card with own written info to resume playback though wifi (similar idea to MD-310 audio streamer but only in this case wifi instead of bt), the rfid card could be just a trigger for Helium to know what server to look for (bedroom/living room, etc.).

  3. Great to see . I have always claimed that this kind of app is not available on Meego. and I would love to have it.
    cant wait for first beta to test.

  4. I would like to use your Helium code to implement a DLNA control point on my Nokia E7 (using QT). Your thoughts on this idea will be appreciated.

  5. Great idea ! I’m really waiting for a control point on my n9. Can you provide us a deb file, we can then report bug and so

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