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As I mentioned on several places already, due to the aim of getting the N9 DLNA-certified we had to introduce some restrictions. One of the most annoying limitation from an end user point of view is that you can’t share arbitrary videos or music which you may have put on your device. Another, though minor, issue is that it’s not possible to change the name shown in UPnP or DLNA clients on the network.

While it is possible to change all this by editing the configuration file, it is somewhat inconvenient to do this on the device. That’s why I’ve written a small application called TweakUp which allows all these settings (and a few more, see the screenshot) to be changed more comfortably. It is available in the Nokia Store and on this website. It has been signed with my public key 6BA1DF74.

Its source code is available at

7 thoughts on “TweakUp your media sharing experience

  1. Is not possible to tweak through config file? I’ve tried to modify ~/.config/rygel.conf without success…

  2. Yes it is. Are you sure that you a) edited the correct configuration file (/home/user/.config/rygel.conf) and b) restarted sharing afterwards?

    1. In theory it ensures that certified devices are compatible with each other. There’s a slight problem with the different classes, mobile vs. non-mobile. Those are mostly incompatible by design but we tried our best there. The “mustn’t share anything without a DLNA profile” restriction is quite new though, and unfortunately we had to adhere to the new rules.

  3. Hello Jens, I’d like to help you with an italian translation but I couldn’t figure out how to use transifex. If you create the italian language I can provide the strings. Thank you.

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