Helium 0.4.0 beta

TL;DR: First release of Helium! Please try it out and reports issues at https://github.com/phako/Helium/issues or as a comment if you don’t want to register with github,
The first installable version of Helium is out. Grab the debian package for your N9 here. As usual it’s signed with my public key 6BA1DF74.
This version is not submitted to the store (yet) since I felt it needs a bit more testing, especially on the interaction with media renderers. I’ve only two renderers that are not Rygel-based and one of them is severely broken when it comes to UPnP.
So please, try it out and report any issue you find either via its issue tracker at github or as a comment here.
Basic usage instructions are available on this site.

5 thoughts on “Helium 0.4.0 beta

  1. Thanks a lot !
    I’ve tested your control point with a Samsung tv as rendererer with different servers (serviio and Nokia Play to on Nokia N8 and rygel from Nokia N9/Fedora) : everything works.
    It also works with Coherence as audio renderer with the same servers.
    So interoperability is quite good !
    Some error messages show of from time to time and I miss some features (playing queue) but so far so good 😉
    PS: I will test everything more deeply later and I’ll submit bug reports.

  2. I managed to play MP3s from my MythTV to my Windows PC using Helium as the control point. I tried also a lot of other combinations, like playing MP3 from the MythTV to my Sony Bravia TV but the TV complained about something. I guess I might have some problems with the MythTV UPNP server.
    Maybe I should upgrade to just released MythTV 0.25 and I try again.
    And yes, the UI needs some work but it’s great to finally have an UPNP control point for N9 🙂

  3. At least earlier I haven’t managed to do anything with the TV’s UPNP.
    But that’s not really my actual use case. I have a HTPC connected to TV so controlling that over UPNP would be the primary use case (and preferrably using MythTV as a server as that serve’s my TV recordings nicely).

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