Monthly Archives: June 2012

PushUp 0.3.0

Installing this version will REBOOT your device!
Also, if you have installed the previous version from OVI store, you need to uninstall it first before installing this version.
I have release a new version of PushUp. Most notable changes, aside those from syncing with upstream korva, are:

  • Compatibility with devices that need file extensions on the HTTP URLs
  • The possibility to share files which are unknown to Tracker
  • Drop the libffi dependency which caused install issues for some people
  • Next try on using a nice icon in the share dialog
  • Default icons for remote devices
  • An option to cancel transfers using Transfer UI
Please note that due to the slight issues with the N9’s sharing ui, the device has to reboot after installing PushUp. This will happen automatically.
As usual, it’s available here, at or in OVI store.