9 thoughts on “Helium 0.5.0 available

  1. Whoa, thanks! Tested with twonkymedia and Marantz SR7005, seems to work with music & photos, too bad the receiver doesn’t support video (and UD7006 is just a dumb dlna client..).

  2. Hi, just testing your new version with my Win7 laptop that I have here on my trip. Playing from and to the Windows Media Player works! Some minor issues:
    – I play a song to my Win7 computer, then I trigger a song directly from my computer. This leads to the progress bar & loudness shown correctly in Helium but the new title (triggered from Laptop) is not updated in Helium. Similar to that I get the tracker URL shown as title if I open a player in Helium which already consumes a song from another DLNA server. I think this is a general updateTitle issue (Which only seems to be set when I trigger a song from Helium)
    – Skipping songs does work when I play songs from Helium. Sometimes it jumps immediately, sometimes it needs several presses and seconds to react at all (Could this be a touch UI problem?)
    – Is it intended that I need to change to the player on Helium and press “Play” to start a song?
    – Movies do work (At least a lot)
    – Very randomly I got the “Connection lost to server/player” messages…also in previous versions (What is actually the reason for loosing connection to the N9 DLNA server? A timeout?) This happend to me especially when I saw servers in the server-view and changed to an empty player-view. This causes the lost connection message and also the servers dissapear…
    – Something not caused by Helium. While using the new Helium with autostart option of N9 DLNA server, Pushup doesn’t work properly (Probably because DLNA server gets started twice?)
    I will continue to test Helium back at home this week!

    1. @Thomas:
      – Unfortunately Win 7 does not send the information that the track has changed so I can’t really display it. Maybe I could add an heuristic to show “Unknown track” or sth.
      – The skipping issue could also be some delay in the remote call.
      – It’s definitely not intended that you need to press play, the songs should start right away
      – Connection lost also means that the network connection is gone. This affects also the internal server.
      – I have to check the PushUp thing, thanks for the hint, though I can’t really explain why that should happen.

  3. Hello Jens,
    any updates planned soon for Helium? Having a queue or the ability to play whole albums instead of one single item would be sooo coool πŸ™‚

  4. And me again πŸ™‚
    Recently I noticed, that when Helium starts the local DLNA server, the server is never deactivated on exiting Helium. This way I was running around for days with no DLNA server icon activated but still serving my media to the Wifis I’m connected too. Only when I opened the N9 media sharing dialog, I could see that media sharing is active and after quiting the DLNA settings dialog the DLNA status icon sudddenly appears.

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