On the way to 0.28

Shotwell 0.28 “Braunschweig” is out.

Shotwell 0.28 about box

Half a year later than I was expecting it to be, sorry. This release fixes 60 Bugs! Get it at GNOME’s download server, from GIT or in the Shotwell PPA really soon™. A big thank you to all contributors that make up all the bits and pieces for such a release.

Notable features:

  • The viewer can now be started in full screen mode
  • We have added better support for images with transparent backgrounds
  • The image processing pipeline got much faster
  • Importing RAW images got much faster
  • Finally got rid of one of the “Cannot claim USB device” errors for camera import
  • Tumblr got promoted to be in the main export plugin set
  • It can be build using meson

Things we have lost:

  • We removed F-Spot import. I believe that this is not necessary anymore now.
  • Racje and Yandex plugins are no longer in the plugin set that is build by default