Reminder: Shotwell Facebook publishing no longer working

As announced earlier, since August 1st, 2018 Shotwell cannot publish to Facebook any more. The API that Shotwell used for that was removed and it is currently not clear to me how developers that do not use Android, iOS or Facebook’s web SDKs should provide similar functionality.

5 thoughts on “Reminder: Shotwell Facebook publishing no longer working

  1. In PhotoTeleport, I chose to keep the option only for pages. Uploading photos to a page still works, and it might be useful for photographers who keep their works in a separate page.

    In any case, leaving Facebook is always the best idea.

  2. Has this changed since? I loved that functionality (due to corona, I am finally getting to sorting my pictures from the past four years that I just dumped on my harddrive previously).

    1. No, sorry. The API we used was removed by Facebook, there was no real replacement and I didn’t really bother to implement the Page support that Alberto mentions a couple above.

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