dLeyna has moved

Happy to announce that dLeyna has moved to its new home, GNOME World: https://gitlab.gnome.org/World/dLeyna

The four previously separated repositories core, connector-dbus, renderer and server have been combined into this single repository. I was amongst those who promoted for the split, but since then the conditions have changed and it is far easier to maintain in an all-in-one repository now. Most files should have kept history.

The upcoming dLeyna 0.8 will be the first unified release.

3 thoughts on “dLeyna has moved

    1. Yeah I need to massively update the documentation. DLNA is a standard for networked multimedia devices, including auto-discovery and content format negotiation, invented before Google’s Chromecast and Apple’s AirPlay became a thing, there are Servers, renderers and controllers. Rygel e.g. implements a server and renderer, dLeyna is the controller part.

      It promises perfect interoperability, in reality, everyone cheats and nothing works without some friction.

      1. Thanks, now I better understand. Nice project!

        For the monorepo vs split repos thing, it’s also maybe because there are not sub-groups within World/ in GNOME GitLab, so it’s harder to ask to add e.g. 10 repos than 1.

        For example something like Flathub is better done with split repos 😉 There are other examples on projects I work on that would benefit from split repos, to make maintenance more scalable (have more submaintainers).

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