Shotwell 0.32.0

Hello everyone, as “teased” over on discourse, April 22nd saw the release of Shotwell’s new stable version, 0.32.0.

New features include:

  • More image formats: AVIF, CR3, HEIF/HVEC, JPEG XL & WebP
  • Some initial geographical data handling (The map display will likely return in 33)
  • Multiple libraries and settings that are isolated from each other
  • Support of more than one account for publishing services
  • Manual tagging of persons
  • Automatic detection and recognition of persons can be enabled during compile time
  • HiDPI support for the image viewer
  • Simpler handling of hierarchical tags

The new version should pop up on flathub soon, and if you were subscribing to the GNOME nightly version, I would also recommend to switch to the flathub version, the GNOME nightly version will start to become quite unstable soonish.

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