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dLeyna updates and general project things

I have too many projects. That’s why I also picked up dLeyna which was laying around looking a bit unloved, smacked fixes, GUPnP 1.2 and meson support on top and made new releases. They are available at


Furthermore I have filed an issue on upstream’s dLeyna-core component asking for the project to be transferred to GNOME infrastructure officially (

As for all the other things I do. I was trying to write many versions of this blog post and each one sounded like an apology, which sounded wrong. Ever since I changed jobs in 2018 I’m much more involved in coding during my work-time again and that seems to suck my “mental code reservoir” dry, meaning I have very little motivation to spend much time on designing and adding features, limiting most of the work on Rygel, GUPnP and Shotwell to the bare minimum. And I don’t know how and when this might change.

The new automake meme

Apparently a small meme has spread in the gnome community, the non-recursive automake meme.
Well, rewriting the makefiles for rygel to use the new Vala support in automake-1.11 I also converted it to be non-recursive.
This is what I got:

  • Parallel builds working (but this seems to be more the work of the Vala support)
  • Cleaner Makefiles, less code duplication
  • No possibility to call “make install” for a single plugin only
  • No to very minor speed gain

All in all, this seems less improvement than expected, but the cleanliness of the is worth the minor inconveniences generated by that, though it still needs some more cleanup and flags unification.