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dLeyna updates and general project things

I have too many projects. That’s why I also picked up dLeyna which was laying around looking a bit unloved, smacked fixes, GUPnP 1.2 and meson support on top and made new releases. They are available at


Furthermore I have filed an issue on upstream’s dLeyna-core component asking for the project to be transferred to GNOME infrastructure officially (

As for all the other things I do. I was trying to write many versions of this blog post and each one sounded like an apology, which sounded wrong. Ever since I changed jobs in 2018 I’m much more involved in coding during my work-time again and that seems to suck my “mental code reservoir” dry, meaning I have very little motivation to spend much time on designing and adding features, limiting most of the work on Rygel, GUPnP and Shotwell to the bare minimum. And I don’t know how and when this might change.


Es scheint – schon länger – in Mode zu sein, potentielle Spieler quasi in’s kalte Wasser zu schmeißen. Aktueller Beanstandungsgrund grade: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. (Oder Ace Combat 6, Kingdom under Fire etc. pp). Man wird sofort von Ratten, Untoten und Goblins angegriffen und soll sich nebenbei noch die Bedienung merken.
Ich fand das Konzept von Fable besser; man wird langsam an die Spielbedienung herangeführt, mit nicht zu starken Gegnern, einer in die Geschichte eingepassten Ausbildung etc.

"Fixing" livejournal

Livejournal seems to have changed their feed URL scheme from<username>/data/rss to http://<username>

So if you’re encountering errors like “text/html is not an XML media type” on’s feeds, update the URL and anything will be fine again.

I'm not dead

Hi there.
I’m not dead. Just doing the “for Food” part a lot.
Let me summarize some news on my pet projects:
Xchat v2.6.x is ugly to compile on Windows and needs work and time which I do not have at the moment. So you need to either stick with 2.4.5 or use another package.
I’m sorry, right now it does what I want and cannot invest time in it (there seems to be a little bug with Livejournal protected entries right now).
Effort to develop the shared memory runtime configuration has significantly slowed down but I’m working on it, currently integrating the differences to the latest offical public release.