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Releasing the Beast

I’d like to realease a version of my RSS converter; unfortunately, the only mail programs it seems to work with properly are Evolution and mutt. Using Sylpheed 2.0, you can list the subscribed feeds, but the message display is completely broken; I don’t now if it’s my fault or their fault; the uber-IMAP client Mulberry processes the folder list but waits ad infinitum when you’re trying to open a mailbox; and I’m a bit short on time…

Nevertheless, if you’re interested in trying it out: grab a copy from the SVN respository. You can omit the if you’ve already installed the Universal Feedparser from Mark Pilgrim.

To be usable, create a feemap.cfg with the following content:


Then fire up the server with

# python

On success, you’ll see something like

2005/08/21 17:32 CEST [-] Log opened.
2005/08/21 17:32 CEST [-] __main__.IMAPFactory starting on 4444
2005/08/21 17:32 CEST [-] Starting factory <__main__ .IMAPFactory instance at 0xb7522bac>

Then, point your favourite email program to the imapserver localhost:4444 with either ANONYMOUS auth or by using the default account guest/guest.

Happy Reading!