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The new automake meme

Apparently a small meme has spread in the gnome community, the non-recursive automake meme.
Well, rewriting the makefiles for rygel to use the new Vala support in automake-1.11 I also converted it to be non-recursive.
This is what I got:

  • Parallel builds working (but this seems to be more the work of the Vala support)
  • Cleaner Makefiles, less code duplication
  • No possibility to call “make install” for a single plugin only
  • No to very minor speed gain

All in all, this seems less improvement than expected, but the cleanliness of the Makefile.am is worth the minor inconveniences generated by that, though it still needs some more cleanup and flags unification.

Trekstor Vibez & Jaunty

If you use one of the famous beta firmwares for your Trekstor vibez and have jaunty installed, you may experience some weird behaviour if you plugin in your player and hope that a folder pops up showing you your device’s contents.
If you configured your device’s transfer mode to “Mass Storage only” it is likely that the device will not show up and crash on shutdown at the “Saving Settings” screen with a bold “Saving”.
Reason is: in /etc/udev/rules.d/45-libmtp7.rules this device’s USB id is hard-wired to be an MTP device. Just comment the two lines with {idVendor}=="066f" and everything is fine again.
On the other hand the MTP transfer mode seems to work quite well now.


Es scheint – schon l├Ąnger – in Mode zu sein, potentielle Spieler quasi in’s kalte Wasser zu schmei├čen. Aktueller Beanstandungsgrund grade: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. (Oder Ace Combat 6, Kingdom under Fire etc. pp). Man wird sofort von Ratten, Untoten und Goblins angegriffen und soll sich nebenbei noch die Bedienung merken.
Ich fand das Konzept von Fable besser; man wird langsam an die Spielbedienung herangef├╝hrt, mit nicht zu starken Gegnern, einer in die Geschichte eingepassten Ausbildung etc.